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March report 2021

March report 2021

UI components

  • added new component j-Breadcrumb
  • added new component j-Extend
  • added new component j-Masonry
  • added scrollbarshadow option to j-FullForm, j-LargeForm, j-Panel and j-Window
  • updated j-FloatingInput by adding multiline option
  • updated j-FileUploader component by adding opt.files option
  • updated design of j-Intro component
  • improved j-Validation by adding validonly option
  • added minheight option to j-Sticker
  • added check option to j-Part
  • fixed resize in j-ViewBox
  • fixed border-radius for j-MiniForm
  • fixed markdown parser in j-Markdown
  • fixed CSS radius and colors in j-Intro
  • fixed focus/blur and binding of values in j-Input
  • fixed helper classes in j-Input
  • fixed custom values (with the enter key) in j-Directory
  • fixed clear buton in j-DynamicValue
  • fixed line chart and video in j-Markdown
  • fixed colors in j-DataGrid
  • fixed removing of -modified class in j-Validation
  • fixed uploading files in j-FileUploadList
  • fixed time type in the j-Input component
  • fixed button color in j-Message
  • added --color support to j-RadioButton
  • added dark mode to Tangular-JsonFormat
  • removed opacity from the inline j-Panel
  • redesigned j-Wiki
  • redesigned j-Panel
  • improved j-Part by adding a new replacer for ~PATH~ phrase
  • improved j-Importer by adding a new replacer for ~PATH~ phrase
  • added a possibility to send custom data in j-FileUploader

jComponent library

  • added WORKFLOW() method (more in documentation)
  • added NAV.custom() that performs background routing without changing of URL address
  • fixed array.quicksort() method
  • fixed value re-binding in getter
  • fixed parsing of URL query arguments
  • fixed scopes in Array.async()
  • removed font-smoothing from the spa.min@18.css and spa.min@17.css

Total.js framework 4

Update Total.js 4 via NPM $ npm update total4

  • added LDAP(opt, callback) method for obtaining of users, groups or user profile (experimental)
  • added U.normalize(path) that normalizes path by adding / to begin and end of the phrase
  • added, [path2], [pathN]) links multiple relative paths to the one
  • added PATH.join()
  • improved, name, URL address) by adding url address as a new type
  • improved HTTP caching in merged files
  • fixed array.quicksort() method
  • fixed controller.invalid(), added missing second argument called error (optional)
  • fixed language in WebSocketClient
  • fixed error handling in TotalAPI
  • fixed a problem with auto-adding cookies in the REQUEST() method if the response status code is 301 and 302
  • updated $.extend([data], [callback]) metho in SchemaOptions by adding callback argument that enables async processing
  • fixed the after argument in the PROXY() and res.proxy() methods
  • fixed encoding in content-disposition header
  • fixed UNAUTHORIZED() method
  • removed allow_debug option
  • fixed multi-part parser (fixed a problem with UTF-8 filenames), unreleased yet
  • added support for views in threads, unreleased yet

Total.js modules

  • added a new module code.js for HTTP synchronization with the Total.js Code instance
  • fixed user's synchronization in the openplatform module

Total.js AppBuilder

  • new improvements
  • fixed small bugs

Total.js Flow

  • added new component Callback
  • added new event instance.on('design')
  • added scrollbar to components
  • added openplatform option to Flow config
  • updated markdown syntax
  • updated wsserver component for Total.js 4
  • improved context menu
  • fixed extensions via Flow components
  • fixed HttpRequest component for Total.js 4
  • fixed RESTSchema component for Total.js 4

Total.js Documentation

Code Editor

  • added external projects with help of code.js module
  • added auto-adding UI components to /js/ui.js and /css/ui.css
  • added Copy as API routes
  • added Copy as REST routes
  • improved UI
  • improved template + auto-suggestion.
  • updated jComponent library
  • updated some UI components
  • fixed shortcuts for commenting
  • fixed loading of backups


  • added language query argument to the WebSocket address
  • added directory option to change a main flow directory
  • fixed localization


  • fixed admin layout
  • fixed case-sensitive URL addresses


Update DBMS via NPM $ npm update dbms

  • fixed the closing of PG connections when fired an unexpected error in callbacks
  • updated .promise() method by adding $ Total.js Schema/Task/ options or Controller
  • updated .callback() method by adding $ Total.js Schema/Task/ options or Controller, example:


  • improved documentation
  • created OpenPlatform Simulator
  • added origin tokens
  • improved app form
  • extended limit for payload from 3rd party services to 1024 kB
  • fixed obtaining of apps
  • improved UI
  • fixed writing stats about app usage
  • completely rewritten UI with the possibility for various customizations.
  • fixed one-time password
  • extended user profile by adding dn column

OpenPlatform module:

We have updated the Total.js OpenPlatform module by adding better handling of errors and security. Download the module again from GitHub.