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April report 2021

April report 2021

UI components

  • added new component j-FloatingBox
  • added new component j-View
  • added new component j-Button
  • added dark mode to j-Intro
  • improved rendering of j-Form
  • improved rendering of j-LargeForm
  • improved rendering of j-FullForm
  • improved j-Empty
  • improved j-Pagination + added nopages option
  • improved design of j-Features
  • improved date formatting in j-Input
  • improved first rendering in j-ServerListing
  • improved code in j-FixedModal
  • updated j-Preview by adding dark mode
  • updated exec functionality in j-SearchInput
  • added preview option to j-Preview
  • added height option to j-Empty
  • fixed custom icons in j-Input
  • fixed word wrapping in j-Message
  • fixed resizing of pictures in j-Preview, j-ImageUploader and j-PictureUploadExpert
  • fixed Thelpers.counter()
  • fixed placeholder in j-Input when pasting data from the clipboard
  • fixed validation in j-Pin
  • fixed UI and mobile version of j-DataGrid
  • fixed rendering of pagination in j-ServerListing
  • fixed align option in j-FloatingInput

jComponent library

  • added NAV.ready {Boolean} that can pause routing
  • added jQuery.attrd2(name) that tries to find an attribute value in the parent tree
  • added DEF.ajaxcredentialshtml option
  • added new config flags @dark=VALUE @light=VALUE for components
  • added DEF.inspectable option
  • updated PLUGINABLE() by adding support for external sources
  • improved calling of middleware in jRouting library
  • fixed scopes in WAIT() method
  • BIG NEW: updated component configuration by adding dynamic values in the form =key1:path,maxlength:30, (supports scopes)

Total.js framework 4

  • added TypeScript support
  • added U.reader().list() method
  • added Array.findValue()
  • added async/await mechanism to TextDB
  • added async/await mechanism to RESTBuilder
  • replaced DB worker from child_process to worker_threads
  • improved base64 schema type by adding support for content-type;base64,data format
  • improved error handling in TotalAPI()
  • updated schema.define() by adding custom error message
  • added support for static files in threads
  • added profile type to the LDAP options
  • fixed $.keys in multiple schema operations.
  • fixed logging in threads by Tomas Novak
  • fixed converting date via Date.setTimeZone()
  • fixed XML comments in String.parseXML()
  • fixed Name type in Schemas
  • fixed sorting in U.reader()
  • fixed wildcard routing combinated with dynamic arguments


  • fixed audit logs
  • added support for Total.js TextDB
  • fixed sorting in QueryBuilder.autoquery() method
  • improved QueryBuilder.owner() in PostgreSQL

Total.js modules

  • improved openplatform module
  • fixed OP services in openplatform module

Total.js CMS

  • added custom meta data to navigation
  • updated dashboard stats (required: latest version of Total.js 4)

Total.js Flow

  • fixed HttpRequest component for Total.js 4


  • added LDAP synchronization
  • improved tokenization
  • fixed localization
  • improved default localization by adding language option to the configuration
  • created a new embedded version of OpenPlatform (independent project)
  • fixed UI on Windows
  • small bug fixes

Code Editor

  • added highlighter for ~PATH~ phrase
  • improved auto-suggestion
  • improved CSS auto-suggestion
  • updated jComponent library