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May report 2021

May report 2021

UI components

  • added new component j-FileBrowser
  • added new component j-Templates
  • added new intranet CSS
  • fixed CSS for smaller mode in j-Markdown
  • fixed pre-rendering of Flow in j-Flow
  • added new options (e.g. snapping, etc.) to j-Flow
  • updated j-Flow by adding improved horizontal view
  • improved j-Markdown
  • improved camouflage in j-Input
  • improved j-VirtualWire by adding data-scope attribute
  • improved j-Selected by adding a new data-or attribute
  • fixed resizing in j-ViewBox
  • updated j-Detail by adding track option
  • redesigned j-TabMenu
  • improved j-Detail by adding new styles and functionality
  • extended exec option by adding el argument in j-Breadcrumb
  • fixed a small bug in j-Shortcuts
  • extended callback by adding e argument in j-Directory
  • fixed validation in j-Input
  • added resizeX, resizeY and resizeP actions to the j-Dashboard component
  • fixed j-Typed example by Gera G. G├╝iles
  • added margin option to the j-DonutChart.
  • added better responsivity to j-LiveStats
  • fixed j-Panel resizing
  • added animations to the j-Dashboard
  • added filtertype as a new option in j-DataGrid columns
  • improved j-TextboxList
  • changed font-size to 13px in j-Textarea
  • added new options to the j-Part
  • added support for the context-menu in j-Exec
  • added encode option to the items in j-Console
  • improved movement between windows in j-Windows
  • fixed pause state in j-Flow
  • fixed CSS for the placeholder in j-Textarea
  • improved code in Tangular-JsonFormat

jComponent library

  • fixed positioning of scrollbar shadows
  • fixed scopes in events
  • fixed component.replace() method
  • added gray class to spa.min@18.css
  • added watcher for PREF

Total.js framework 3

  • added HTML escaping for meta tags
  • added insecure flag to U.request() method
  • added RESTBuilder.insecure() method
  • fixed security issue when parsing query arguments (reported by

Total.js framework 4

  • improved stability
  • added HTML escaping for meta tags
  • fixed traffic in the FlowStream
  • added support for JSON schemas
  • added Total Message Service (TMS)
  • added jsonschemas directory
  • added schema.jsonschema(name) method
  • added schema.jsonschema_define() method
  • fixed security issue when parsing query arguments (reported by
  • added flowstream.load(components, design, [callback]) method
  • added flowstream.unload(components, design, [callback]) method
  • added new delegate flowstream.onconnect = function(instance) {}
  • added new delegate flowstream.ondisconnect = function(instance) {}
  • added new delegate flowstream.onregister = function(component) {}
  • added new delegate flowstream.onunregister = function(component) {}
  • added uistream.load(components, design, [callback]) method
  • added uistream.unload(components, design, [callback]) method
  • added new delegate uistream.onconnect = function(instance) {}
  • added new delegate uistream.ondisconnect = function(instance) {}
  • added new delegate uistream.onregister = function(component) {}
  • added new delegate uistream.onunregister = function(component) {}- fixed Mail.attachmentfs()
  • fixed dynamic routing
  • added debugging of bundles with creating file /bundles.debug in the root of the app directory
  • added: String.toJSONSchema([name], [url]) that returns JSON schema from the inline schema declaration

Total.js CMS

  • added new widget Link Cards by Dodo
  • added new widget Text + Image Flex by Dodo
  • added new widget Properties
  • improved Fluid layout widget
  • improved Fluid Background layout widget

Total.js Flow

  • improved HTTP Request component by adding keepmessage option
  • improved code


  • fixed OAuth 2.0 session by Gera
  • fixed saving of user's profile by Gera
  • added support for Total.js Message Service
  • improved settings
  • updated openplatform module, supports auto-appending URL address

Code Editor

  • added support for Total.js Message Service
  • a lot of fixes for UI
  • autocomplete works with multiple selection
  • updated jComponent