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Total.js Code v1.4

Total.js Code v1.4

Let's Develop now with a new version of Total.js Code. New version is 100% backward compatilible. Enjoy all new features and support our development by using Total.js Cloud - each cloud container contains a new version of Total.js Code. This version brings ultra-killer bombastic features, read more.

Total.js Code Editor is written in pure Total.js Platform. Code app uses Total.js framework (server-side) and jComponent library - (client-side).

Total.js Code stores all data on the server and our company doesn't collect any data from the Code editor! Feel free to use it, everything is absolutelly private - without trackers and it works without internet (e.g. it can be a part of intranet). We love privacy and entire Total.js platform keeps your privacy under your control.

Main topics:

  • Improved UI
  • Branches
  • Internal Chat
  • Uploading folders
  • Added PostgreSQL database viewer
  • Added image viewer
  • Added full-text search in all plain-text file
  • Other improvements
  • Electron version

New Code Version

Improved UI

  • added dockable UI
  • added better window management




Finally, this version of Total.js Code supports branches. With branches you can provide multiple versions of web application. Branches are based on plain files and Total.js Code packs all files (in a branch) to .tar archive. When restoring: it backs up the current branch to .tar archive and then clears the directory + restores selected branch.


Internal chat

  • developers can communicate between each other
  • supports a simple markdown syntax
  • all data are stored locally

Internal chat

Uploading folders

Now you can drag & drop entire folder with nested files and folders. It works only in WebKit browsers, we recommend to use Electron version of Total.js Code Editor.

Uploading folters

Added PostgreSQL database viewer

Total.js Code supports a quick database viewer for PostgreSQL databases only. It supports only basic features like auto-complete, rendering data as JSON, etc.. It uses only pg module (nothing more).

DB viewer

Added image viewer

This new version of Code Editor contains a simple image viewer. It shows the image and its dimension. It's targeted from Electron version of Total.js Code Editor.

Image Viewer

Added File Info floating panel

You can see a file info through the context menu in file options:

File info panel

Added full-text search in all plain-text files

Finally, this version supports missing full-text file. It works very easily and it searchs in all plain-text files like .html, .js, .css, .txt and .md.

Fulltext search

Other improvements

  • Added PING domain/IP address via context menu
  • Added IP resolver from domain names via context menu
  • Download source-code
  • Improved Font-Awesome icons
  • Updated a support chat by adding a common community channel
  • Files in public directory are part of auto-complete list
  • Improved auto-closing of brackets in JavaScript:

Auto Closing Brackets

Electron version

Electron version contains few updates too. Now you can import all your Code instances directly from Total.js Cloud, just add a token and press IMPORT button.

  • improved UI
  • added Import Code instances from Total.js Cloud
  • added Search Code Editor
  • Electron version obtains a version from each instance of Code Editor

Download native compiled apps:

Electron version