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Total.js Cloud is launched

Total.js Cloud is launched

Let's Develop in less than 5 minutes everywhere you are. Finally we have launched Total.js Cloud with great features for all Total.js developers. You can try Total.js Cloud with Rapid Cloud Development absolutely for free.

Did you know? Total.js Cloud is written in Total.js Platform. We don't use any 3rd party dependencies. That's the power of Total.js Platform.

Teams can develop less than 5 minutes

Your team can develop in less than 5 minutes directly in web browser. Development: everything like web applications, REST services, IoT collectors with help of Total.js Flow, provide e-commerce in Total.js platform, provide websites with help of Total.js CMS or provide your intranet with help of Total.js OpenPlatform. With Total.js Cloud is everything possible.

Fair price

We offer two types of cloud services:

Cloud for Total.js applications

Total.js Cloud is optimized only for Total.js web applications, read our cloud specification below:

Free containerUp to 2 Total.js appsFree for 42 hours
Basic containerUp to 5 Total.js apps6.99 EUR per month
Advanced containerUp to 10 Total.js apps19.99 EUR per month

Each container has pre-installed all tools for development like GraphicsMagick, PG module with DBMS module and Total.js Code Editor for Rapid Cloud Development - developers can develop directly in web browser and collaborate on Total.js applications. Also paid containers support backups and custom hosts with Let's encrypt SSL certificates. You can divide containers to development and production environment and also we have prepared a great release management system. Then you can use predefined templates with existing of Total.js applications like Total.js CMS, Total.js Flow, etc..

Cloud for PostgreSQL v12 database

We have prepared database containers for advanced developers which want to develop advanced Total.js apps. Each app container has pre-installed Node.js modules: PostgreSQL and our simple ORM for PG caled DBMS module. Database containers will be availiable in end of April 2020.

Small with shared CPU14.99 EUR per month
Medium with shared CPU25.99 EUR per month
Large with dedicated CPU39.99 EUR per month

Each database container supports backups. We offer two types of connections: external for GUI and internal for Total.js applications.


Currently Total.js Cloud supports these locations:

  • Germany - Nuremberg
  • USA - San Francisco
  • Asia - Singapure

Containers optimized for applications

Our containers are tuned for the best usage and performance with everything what developers need for development. Your developers can develop in less than 5 minutes. You don't need to count a power.

Total.js Cloud

Great features

Rapid Cloud Development

Developers can code together with Total.js Code Editor. Our Total.js Code Editor supports great features and developers can code directly in modern web browser.

Total.js Cloud Development

We have prepared Electron version of Total.js Code with additional features:

Total.js Electron Version

Are you interested?

Our company Total Avengers is using Total.js Cloud for our customers. Good to know: Total.js Cloud is provided in Total.js OpenPlatform.