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July report 2021

July report 2021


UI components

  • added new component j-Children
  • added new component j-Movement
  • added useful selector option to the RadioButtonExpert and CheckboxListExpert by Denis Granec
  • extended j-Exec by adding execution method in the components
  • fixed empty model and dropdown type in j-Configuration
  • added .add() method and improved rendering in j-Breadcrumb
  • fixed CSS in for movable buttons in j-TextBoxList
  • updated j-Breadcrumb by adding callback property for items
  • fixed j-FloatingBox and html argument with HTMLElement
  • added listing2 class to the IntranetCSS

jComponent library

  • added SETTER() compatibility v18 to the jComponent v17
  • fixed lazy components in jComponent v17
  • updated jQuery to 3.6.0
  • added support for localization
    • added LOCALIZE(text) method that process a content of Total.js Resource File
    • added TRANSLATE(text) method that translates text according to the dictionary
    • TRANSLATE() method is used in the IMPORT() method
  • updated jRouting by adding relative redirects e.g. REDIRECT('../')

Total.js framework 4

  • improved NPMINSTALL() method by adding check for existing packages
  • extended FILESTORAGE() by adding savejson() and readjson() methods
  • extended FILESTORAGE() by adding readbuffer() method
  • added CMSCOMPILER() method
  • fixed error handling in LDAP parser
  • added safestring type in the schemas with a check to XSS and SQL Injections
  • added icon type (Font-Awesome icons) in the schemas
  • added color type (HEX or HEX RGBA) in the schemas
  • added XSS checker String.isXSS()
  • added SQL Injection checker String.isSQLInjection()
  • updated Capitalize and Capitalize2 type in the schemas by adding XSS check
  • improved Total.js 4 command-line tool by Helferino
  • fixed a bad status code with the usage of AUTH() #22
  • fixed loading of a default value from the default.resource #23
  • fixed FILESTORAGE().browse2() method
  • added FILESTORAGE().rename() method

Total.js Documentation

  • improved UI

Total.js Flow

  • updated jComponent library v17

Total.js CMS

  • fixed recurring in the sitemap

Total.js FlowStream

  • added a support to the /config for ChildProcesses/Fork instead of WorkerThread
  • fixed variables for the specific FlowStream
  • added new components for Raspberry Pi:
  • added new components for Linux monitoring:
    • CPU monitor
    • Memory monitor
    • Process monitor
    • HDD monitor
    • Connection monitor for the specific port
    • Tail command for monitoring of text files


  • fixed long component names
  • added information about new updates in the component lists
  • added a function for updating all outdated components


  • fixed installation of ACME.SH due to a problem with ZeroSSL


OpenPlatform module:

  • fixed auto-synchronization of OpenPlatform users
  • fixed user identifier in the service mode in the OpenPlatform module
  • added better error handling in the OpenPlatform module

Code Editor

  • updated jComponent v18