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August report 2021

August report 2021

We have created a public Trello profile for ideas and solving issues through the entire Total.js Platform.

UI components

  • added a new component: j-Selection
  • improved upload method by adding opt.files key in the FileUploader component
  • fixed resizing of panels in j-Layout
  • improved error handling in j-FileUploader
  • added maxsize option to the j-Layout columns
  • added wait option to the j-Empty
  • added style option to the j-Breadcrumb
  • added align option to the j-Configuration
  • improved styles in IntranetCSS
  • updated j-Input, boolean can be number
  • fixed scopes in j-FullForm by Marek Mraz
  • fixed onready event in j-MapMarker
  • fixed esc shortcut in j-Form
  • fixed esc shortcut in j-LargeForm
  • fixed esc shortcut in j-FullForm
  • fixed esc shortcut in j-Window
  • added esc shortcut to the j-Panel
  • fixed fluid mode in j-DataGrid by Dodo Marton
  • improved j-Features
  • fixed dark mode in j-CodeMirror
  • added opt.height and opt.class to the j-Spotlight
  • fixed dropdown type in j-Configuration
  • fixed nested scopes in j-Part
  • fixed parsing items in j-RadiusButton
  • added .import(), .cancel() methods into to the j-Section component
  • improved code in j-FloatingInput
  • added onpause config key to the j-Flow
  • added order for checked items in j-Directory
  • added sorting for multiple checkbox values in j-Input
  • fixed saving files in FILESTORAGE() in OS Windows
  • added options.checked option to j-Directory
  • improved resizing in j-Windows
  • improved resizing in j-InfoWindows
  • added delay option to j-Selected
  • added dirdetail option to j-Input

jComponent library

  • improved scopes
  • fixed scopes for WAPI()
  • fixed auto evaluating of JS in all AJAX calls
  • added support for inline helpers in GET() and SET() methods.
  • improved inline helpers for the data-bind attribute
  • improved scopes
  • improved data-import="" attribute
  • added PLUGIN.remove() method for removing of the plugin

Total.js framework 4

  • improved FileStorage code
  • added FILESTORAGE().backup() method
  • added FILESTORAGE().restore() method
  • added FILESTORAGE().stream(callback(file, next), [done]) for streaming of meta information for each file
  • improved TextDB engine by adding locks for writing
  • improved FAKE({ id: UID, name: 'string(30)' }) method by adding a support for inline schemas
  • fixed protocol parser for WebSocket routes
  • fixed CSS variables
  • added servicemode to the start script
  • fixed sending nullable data in the FlowStream
  • fixed handling messages in the form instance.message_<INPUT_NAME> in the FlowStream
  • fixed using require() in the components in the FlowStream

Total.js framework 3

  • fixed CSS variables

Total.js DBMS

  • NEW: added support for MySQL

Total.js Flow

  • (bug) added missing validation for configuration forms
  • fixed URL address remapping in Total.js v4

Total.js CMS

Files app

  • fixed downloading of files (a problem with compression for .js, .css and .html files)

Total.js FlowStream

  • added pause functionality
    • updated FlowStream designer
  • improved UI in the FlowStream designer


  • released a new version
  • added services

Code Editor

  • improved parsing of SQL fields
  • updated jComponent
  • improved shortcuts