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September report 2021

September report 2021

UI components

  • added new component: j-FloatingBox
  • fixed CSS invalid state in j-Input by Marek Hazak
  • added .close() method into the j-Windows
  • added .close() method into the j-InfoWindows
  • updated j-Flow by adding multiple selections by CMD or CTRL or SHIFT + click
  • updated j-Flow by adding history {Number} option in the configuration
  • fixed remove shortcut in j-Shortcuts
  • fixed save shortcut in j-Shortcuts
  • improved j-Console by extending setter for support of string value
  • added delay option to the j-Enter component
  • updated j-Part by extending if option
  • fixed changing colors in j-LiveStats
  • extended j-MonthlyCalendar by adding new features
  • fixed cleaning design in the FlowStream
  • added flow.check command to the j-Flow
  • added groups to the j-Flow

jComponent library

  • fixed scopes until the PLUGIN() is initializing
  • added macros for the data-bind attribute with the help of MACRO() method

Total.js framework 4

  • improved destroying messages in the FlowStream
  • added $.input {String} in the FlowStream
  • added support for external operations OPERATION('https://..fn.js <5 minutes>', console.log)
  • added support for external tasks TASK('https://..fn.js <5 minutes>', 'init', console.log)
  • allows .ts (MPEG stream) and .m3u8 file types for the web server
  • extended U.getContentType() by adding .ts and .m3u8 extensions
  • extended NEWCALL(name, schema, operation_name) by adding support for operations
  • fixed parsing lower dates as 1.1.1970 in the schemas
  • fixed applying filter argument in the BACKUP() method
  • improved bundle generator in the $ total4 executable
  • improved end event + added terminate event to the FlowStream messages
  • fixed scrollbars in the Code component
  • added terminate event to the FlowStream messages
  • fixed pause state in the outputs in the FlowStream
  • updated GUID() method by returning a valid GUID value (if the length argument is undefined)
  • added a new schema type GUID
  • added String.isGUID() for validating GUIDs
  • fixed internal stats
  • improved middleware
  • added support for inline middleware for ROUTE() method in the form ROUTE('GET / &middlewareA &middlewareB')
  • added /middleware/ directory for storing middleware
  • added directory_middleware config key
  • added PATH.middleware() method
  • added USE(middleware, url, type, [first]) method assigns specified middleware to routes
  • replaced MIDDLEWARE() to NEWMIDDLEWARE() (the old name has remained)
  • fixed typo in the flags in the file route by fenddigital
  • fixed filestorage.rename() method
  • debug mode skips all .js files in the root
  • improved middleware functionality
  • improved HTTP server in terminal utility
  • removed .trim() from the String.parseComponet() method
  • added a check for existance of this.uri by fenddigital

Total.js Examples

  • added a new example livereload



  • added a new component: HTTP Route
  • added a new component: FileWatcher
  • added a new component: FileWriter
  • added a new component: Read
  • added a new component: Flashback
  • fixed sending messages in the Delay component
  • improved Print component by adding an option for viewing of repo object
  • added support for custom component identifiers = 'something'
  • extended id argument in the instance.trigger() method by adding @component_id
  • updated code component
  • updated flowstream module by improving .exec() method
  • added new improvements for creating FlowStream components
  • updated all components by adding new declaration
  • added support for HTTP routing
  • updated designer by adding new features (multiple selections, more shortcuts)
  • updated designer by redesigning of Import components list
  • updated designer UI
  • fixed pause state for inputs/outputs
  • improved code in the queue component
  • added flow.origin - it contains a current hostname obtained from the Designer
  • added FUNC.trigger(el) method for handling of triggers to the Designer
  • fixed cleaning design in the FlowStream
  • added support for dynamic inputs/outputs:




  • fixed missing action in the wsserver component by
  • updated mqtt component by adding support for Total.js 4 by

Code Editor

  • updated jComponent
  • added project with external:// path
  • updated directory templates, added middleware and private
  • updated auto-suggestion list
  • fixed changelog


  • fixed sending data via the, [data]) method
  • fixed receiving data via the OP.on('share') event
  • improved Windows in the windowed mode
  • fixed CDN links


  • added a service mode
  • added a support for external Total.js Code Editor
  • fixed list of templates
  • added an option for disabling redirect from HTTP to HTTPS


  • add a support for diff method for MongDB by Gera