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April report 2020

April report 2020

UI components

  • added new component j-Detail
  • added new component j-FloatingSearch
  • added new component j-Approve
  • improved j-Centered
  • improved j-Confirm
  • improved j-Input and custom text in as icons
  • improved j-DynamicValue by adding auto-search and improved CSS
  • improved j-Movable component
  • improved j-LineChart
  • improved j-BarChart
  • improved j-ViewBox by adding invisible option
  • improved j-ImageViewer
  • improved j-Form by adding closeoutside option
  • improved j-Dashboard component
  • improved j-Listing by adding pagination info
  • improved j-LazyImages by adding a support for custom scrollbars
  • improved design in j-DataGrid
  • improved UI and performance in j-DatePicker (supports badges)
  • fixed positioning in j-DatePicker
  • fixed focus method in j-Pin
  • fixed empty option with AJAX in j-Directory
  • fixed scrolling in mobile devices in j-LargeForm
  • fixed link parser in j-Markdown
  • fixed pagination in j-Table by Saper
  • fixed scrollbars in j-Layout2

jComponent library

  • added currency command to data-bind
  • added: TEMP global variable which is resetted each 5 minutes
  • updated SET(), GET(), UPD() by adding flags
  • updated $.aclass(cls, [timeout]) by adding timeout argument
  • updated $.rclass(cls, [timeout]) by adding timeout argument
  • updated $.rclass2(cls, [timeout]) by adding timeout argument
  • improved CONFIG(), it supports multiple selectors separated by comma
  • fixed VBIND.set() method
  • fixed VBINDARRAY checksums
  • fixed remapping of values in AJAX()

Total.js framework

  • added: HASH(value, [type]) for creating hash like in jComponent
  • added: SchemaOptions.repo as alias to SchemaInstance.model.$$repository
  • added: SchemaEntity.verify(prop_name, function($)) for async verification of value
  • added: a new type CONVERT syntax to schema.define() (more in docs)
  • added: TEMP global variable which is resetted each 7 minutes
  • added: req.filecache(callback) as alias for F.exists()
  • added: own QueryParser
  • updated, [value]) method by adding value argument for replacing of enumeration values
  • improved: filename in modificators (now it contains relative paths)
  • improved: performance of U.request() (around +30%)
  • improved: performance of RESTBuilder
  • improved: CSS minifier by compressing single hex color from e.g. #000000 to #000
  • fixed Number.VAT() by adding rounding
  • fixed localization in executable script
  • fixed debugging mode in Node.js v14
  • fixed a bug in ROUTE() method
  • fixed controller argument in $ACTION() method
  • fixed image resizing in debug mode

Total.js modules

  • updated openplatform module by adding OP.metafile property

Code Editor

  • added real-time vertical ruler (mouse right click -> Toggle ruler)
  • updated jComponent version
  • updated auto-complete list
  • updated Font-Awesome icons
  • fixed uploading files
  • fixed CSS colors in variables
  • fixed sorting and cleaning of CSS properties


  • added a simple audit log mechanism
  • added QueryBuilder.nobind() method which blocks the result to output
  • blob().write supports Buffer

Total.js Flow

  • we have tested Barcode scanner component
  • added new method component.reoptions(new_options) for rewriting of existing options
  • added: FTP Upload Directory component
  • fixed: FTP Upload component


  • updated comparing of origin (it searches instead of compare)