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November report 2022

November report 2022

UI components

  • added more than open source 350 font icons (List of icons)
  • added new component j-Icons
  • added support for TAPI in j-DynamicValueList
  • added Total.js Icons to j-FaIcons
  • decreased time for hiding of j-Approve
  • fixed rebinding of the j-Duplicator by Mrazbb
  • improved functionality in the j-Paper
  • added new widget Indent for the j-Paper
  • added code formatting to j-Paper
  • fixed the exportrows method in j-DataGrid by Gera
  • fixed sub-menu positioning in j-Menu by Kirill
  • added opt.clear (that adds a Clear button) to the j-DatePicker by Kirill
  • added slug type to the j-Input by Kirill
  • updated j-Input by adding support for j-Icons instead of j-FaIcons
  • updated j-LargeForm by inheriting CSS classes from the main element
  • updated j-FullForm by inheriting CSS classes from the main element
  • updated j-MiniForm by inheriting CSS classes from the main element
  • updated j-Form by inheriting CSS classes from the main element
  • updated j-Box by inheriting CSS classes from the main element
  • replaced Font-Awesome icons for Total.js icons

jComponent library

  • extended PLUGIN prototype by adding new methods:
    • plugin.ajax()
    • plugin.dapi()
    • plugin.tapi()
    • plugin.wapi()
    • plugin.extend()
  • fixed component.update() method (v19, v18)
  • added free, nice and open-source Total.js Icons ti ti-iconname (v19, v18, v17)
  • added DEF.iconprefix (v19, v18)
  • remove deviceorientation warning for the Firefox
  • added a new alias data-plugin="" attribute for data-scope=""
  • added plugin.caller {Object} that will contain a caller of the plugin
  • improved component.replace() method by inheriting data-scope|plugin attribute
  • added @error flag to all AJAX operations, it wraps callback to ERROR() method automatically
  • added UNAUTHORIZED() method

Total.js framework 4

  • fixed making insecure HTTPS requests by DJTripper
  • fixed a deprecated usage of process.exit (v3 + v4) by Gera
  • extended jsonschema.transform(value, callback, [partial]) by adding partial argument
  • mail_smtp_options supports token {String} for OAuth 2.0 Access Token
  • added QueryBuilder.equal(object) method
  • fixed a small bug in the UNAUTHORIZED() method
  • fixed a default nullable value for enum types in the Total.js schemas
  • added support for inline enums for String.toJSONSchema() in the form key:{val1|val2|valN}

Total.js Code

  • updated jComponent libary
  • added support for Total.js Icons
  • added support for data-plugin="" attribute

Total.js Flow

  • updated jComponent libary
  • updated blacklist with the Flow endpoints
  • added support for Total.js Icons
  • updated UI components
  • replaced Font-Awesome for Total.js Icons + in all components