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December report 2022

December report 2022

Dear developers across the world, Totally Happy New Year 2023! We wish you all the best in your personal and business life.

UI components

  • added j-Title component by Pavol Danko
  • fixed size of increment icons in j-Input
  • fixed checkbox icon in j-Input
  • added base64 option into the j-FileReader
  • fixed clock icon in the j-Input
  • renamed property invalid (it's reserved) to error in j-Editable
  • added align option for the editable elements in the j-Edit component
  • updated j-Exec component, now it's a singleton and it works for the whole document.body

jComponent library

We will update the documentation very soon by adding an implementation for the Web components. It's very huge update.
  • improved Total.js Icons
  • added plugin.nul([path])
  • fixed SEEX() method with defined flags
  • added async/await support for:
    • AJAX() must be without callback
    • TAPI() must be without callback
    • WAPI() must be without callback
    • DAPI() must be without callback
    • API() must be without callback
    • UPLOAD() must be without callback
    • exports.ajax() must be without callback
    • exports.tapi() must be without callback
    • exports.wapi() must be without callback
    • exports.dapi() must be without callback
    • exports.api() must be without callback
    • exports.upload() must be without callback
  • updated Tangular
  • added support for Web Components:
    • HTMLComponent class
    • <ui-plugin path="" config="">
    • <ui-component name="" path="" config="" default="">
    • <ui-bind path="" config="commandA:value;commandB:Value">
    • <ui-import config="url:">
  • moved a state of the component into the component configuration:
    • config.touched {Boolean} means if the component has been changed by the user
    • config.invalid {Boolean} means if the component has not valid value
    • config.modified {Boolean} means if the component value has been modified
  • added auto CSS classes for the components:
    • ui-modified the component value has been modified
    • ui-touched the component value has been changed by the user
    • ui-disabled the component is disabled
    • ui-invalid the component value is invalid


  • fixed custom helpers

Total.js framework 4

  • added webp image size measurement by Marek Mr├íz
  • added promise support for the TotalAPI() method
  • fixed default_cors option
  • added TEMPLATE() method for generating Tangular templates

Total.js Code

  • updated jComponent
  • updated Tangular
  • updated font icons
  • added support for the jComponent web components

Total.js Flow

  • updated jComponent
  • updated Tangular
  • updated font icons

Total.js team wishes you:

Merry Christmas