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Total.js v2.9.0

Total.js v2.9.0

This version brings one great new feature, some bug fixes and great improvements. Make sure to update to the latest version. It's more stable than previous version. Both old and new version of the framework work with Node v9 without any problems.

New WebSocketClient

This is the biggest new feature. Now you can connect via WebSocket from Total.js as a client. Implementation is very simple. WEBSOCKETCLIENT(callback) is a global method:

New WebSocketClient supports:

  • compression
  • auto-reconnection when the connection is lost
  • encode-decode UTF-8 messages according to the Total.js server-side WebSocket implementation

Can I connect Total.js app with another Total.js app via WebSocket?

From now on, yes.

Improved WebSocket

My big friend Jozef Gula did a great job improving Total.js WebSockets. As he said, there were a few issues with the previous implementation. The new changes improve stability and performance.

Fixed WebSocket + ArrayBuffer

I found a problem in ArrayBuffer type in binary mode in WebSocket + I have extend ArrayBuffer prototype by adding ArrayBuffer.toBuffer() method. Now you can easily convert ArrayBuffer to Buffer.

Good to know:

The framework converts Buffer to ArrayBuffer automatically if you are sending a raw Buffer via client.send() or controller.send().

Improved performace

I have improved a routing performance and executing of controllers.

Improved schemas

I have improved Schemas implementation. The new implementation can save a lot of code and here is the example of new usage:

Inline schema validation

I have added an inline validation of defined fields in the schema. So you don't need to define schema.setValidate() delegate. It is very simple:

Inline real-time enabling/disabling of schema validation

This feature is very important for more complicated schemas. This version of Total.js brings really great improvements for custom field validation.

NoSQL backups

New version of Total.js supports reading of all backups from a database.