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Total.js Code v1.3

Total.js Code v1.3

This new version of Code editor brings really great and powerful features which each Total.js developer will love it as never before. Total.js Code is web-based editor built on tuned CodeMirror, so you can code web apps directly in your web browser or download our Electron version:

Code in Electron

  • Download bundled version and enjoy much better development
  • optimized for Total.js framework only
  • supports PHP and Python syntax too


Improved UI

Improved UI


We have improved collaboration and synchronization between users. New collaboration mechanism contains a diff indicator for each changed line, so you can easily track who changed the specific line of code.

Diff indicator

We have improved restoring of specific lines of code from backups, just select lines which you want to restore and go to backups.

Restore specific lines

Real time-tracking

The Code editor measures a time of work of each developer. Administrator can see great stats per month and developer. The code editor contains a great algorithm for time-tracking and the editor measures time between file changes until saving operation.

Time tracking


Download projects

Downloading of existing projects is really easy with the new version of Total.js Code. Get started much faster with existing templates and all templates are open-source stored on Total.js GitHub.

Project templates

Download additional parts

You can download preddefined parts like:

  • Bundles (like CMS)
  • Modules (Like TOTP)
  • Operations (like Print to PDF)
  • Packages (like Flow)
  • Schemas

Download bundles

Inline templates

We have prepared several templates for much faster coding. You can use templates for .html, .js, or .api files.

Inline templates

Quick creating directories or files

Now you can create directories or some files by the one click.


Power Mode

With the power mode is coding much funny as never before. Developer will see a nice animation and total hits in COMBO (right corner). Code Editor stores top stats of hits for each project per each developer.

Power mode

API testing

New version of Total.js Code supports a simple REST API testing. Just create a file with the .api extension, example: readme.api.

API testing


Scripts can contain a server-side implementation which will be evaluated in the independent thread. The output from the console will be sent back into the Code. Scripts must be allowed in the project settings.

  • create scripts directory
  • create file e.g. test.js
  • open it
  • import inline template script via context menu
  • run the script via context menu


This is most important feature. New version of Total.js Code can create a bundle. Bundles must be allowed in the project settings.

Bundle making

Auto-Discover projects

This feature can add projects automatically according to the directory structure. Auto-Discover path is defined in the /config file:

  • default value is /www/www/
  • empty value will disable auto-discover mode


SQL to Schema

Bonus feature. Paste SQL script and click on the Transform SQL to schema via context menu:

SQL to Schema

Copy text with the syntax highlighting

  • supports Markdown format

Copy text with the syntax

Hex to RGBA

Converting colors in HEX format to RGBA format is very easy with the new version of Total.js Code editor. Just select HEX color and transform it via context menu:



  • Code review by us will be enabled in short time
  • Chat between developers