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SuperAdmin v9 is here!

Total.js SuperAdmin v9

I'm pleased to announce a new version of Total.js SuperAdmin v9 after years. A new version brings more stability, better UI, and the latest Total.js technologies. It's a gem.


What's new?

  • built on Total.js v4 and jComponent v18
  • much better security
  • much stable
  • much faster
  • much lower CPU and memory consumption as the older version
  • rewritten building of SSL certificates and NGINX configuration
  • users management
  • supports apps written under Total.js v4 and Total.js v3
  • supports Total.js 4 threads
  • improved alarms
  • improved user interface
  • improved uploading of applications (supports only .zip packages)
  • supports Unix sockets for Total.js 4 applications
  • SuperAdmin is using as a bundle
  • NEW supports Total.js Threads
  • NEW includes a mini terminal

Improved SSL

This version of SuperAdmin has improved the creating of SSL certificates. You don't need to add additional redirects as in the previous version, example:

  • Imagine app URL address:
  • SuperAdmin generates SSL for and for
  • Then creates redirects from http to https internally

Creating of application

I have improved the form for creating a new application.

Creating of application

A mini terminal

I have implemented the mini terminal that can help you install e.g. NPM dependencies or assist you in critical situations.

A mini terminal

How to install or update it?

Total.js Cloud

SuperAdmin is part of each container in Total.js Cloud. Total.js Cloud uses a bit optimized version of SuperAdmin, but it keeps most of the functionality than the standalone version.

What's currently missing?

  • Statistics are currently disabled
We believe that this version is for a longer time, as the old version of SuperAdmin, which works on tens of servers.