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Code v1.5

Total.js Code v1.5

We have released a new version of server-side Total.js Code Editor with great new features and improvements. The latest version is built on Total.js v4.

How to install or update Code editor?

What's new?

  • A small UI improvements
  • Fixed small bugs
  • Improved stability
  • Improved templates
  • Improved auto-complete
  • Fully optimized for Total.js 4
  • Also optimized for macOS Big Sur
  • Updated important dependencies like CodeMirror


  • Added Transform to Responsive feature similar to Transform to Dark mode
  • Improved transforming colors from HEX to RGBA and vice-versa

Live reload

Finally, Total.js Code editor supports live preview. This feature has a significant advantage for creating web apps, especially for OpenPlatform apps.

Service mode

Service mode is a unique feature that allows you to build .js or .sh files with terminal help. IMPORTANT: The service mode must be allowed in the project settings.

Service mode

Improved sorting of files and directories

Old version:

New version:



Wiki maker

Wiki maker can create simple markdown documentation directly from the source-code. If you click on the "Create wiki", then the Code editor establishes a link to your documentation to your clipboard.

Create wiki



Wiki includes a small alternative to Swagger for Total.js apps only. Look to below GIF:

Total Swagger

Copy code as Image

Another great feature that allows you to copy selected source-code as Image with the help of app:

Code to Carbon

Font-Awesome icon determiner

Icon determiner can determine Font-Awesome icon directly from selected text and render it as an icon. It's a tiny but helpful feature:

Font-Awesome icon determiner

Cloud development in two minutes

Try Total.js Cloud development with the new Total.js Code Editor: