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Total.js v3.4.1 - HOTFIX

Total.js v3.4.1 - HOTFIX

We have released a new version of Total.js. This new version contains some bug fixes and small improvements.

We recommend to update Total.js as a global module too.


  • added: SchemaOptions.parent returns a parent model
  • added: Tangular template engine (experimental)
  • added: String.makeid() for creating of unique identifier from string
  • added: a new property called in FLOWSTREAM() message


  • updated: HttpFile.fs() by adding id argument for updating of existing file
  • updated: default value for allow_ssc_validation to true


  • fixed: String.parseDate(format) with defined format
  • fixed: inheriting of controllers between schemas
  • fixed: MailMessage.attachments()
  • fixed: calling of F.snapshotstats in cache recycle
  • fixed: controller.success()
  • fixed: removing of unused files when a bundle is extracting
  • fixed: a processor function in F.backup()


  • improved: Date.format()
  • improved: Total.js translate (supports ErrorBuilders and DBMS errors)