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New version of Total.js 4 (0.0.43)

New version of Total.js 4 framework (0.0.43)

We have officially released a new version of Total.js framework 4 (v0.0.43). This version brings great new features that you will love. Total.js framework is still without dependencies, and that's a good benefit for all developers. The new version brings great new features and fixes.

We have integrated LDAP search into the Total.js framework directly. So you can easily synchronize or sign-in user via LDAP protocol with your e.g. Active Directory (AD) with the help of the Total.js framework directly.


Total.js framework supports TypeScript

Helferino added support for TypeScript, but we don't recommend it for the development of Total.js applications. The reason is simple (many developers will not agree): we don't see any more significant advantage of TypeScript.

JSON schemas

The new version of Total.js supports JSON schemas. Total.js framework automatically processes all JSON schemas stored in /app/jsonschemas/*.json directory. Also JSON schemas can be defined programmatically via NEWJSONSCHEMA() method.


JSON Schemas can be used instead of Total.js Schemas:

Inline generator for JSON schemas:

Good to know:

  • JSON schemas can be generated from the Total.js Schemas too

Total.js Message Service (TMS)

We have added a new pub/sub pattern for integrating multiple Total.js applications. You can use Total.js FlowStream app for integrating multiple Total.js applications via TMS. This is one of the most significant new feature in the Total.js framework. TMS uses JSON schemas / Total.js schemas for preparing data.

The integrator app automatically downloads all publishers and subscribers. Then creates components for the FlowStream app. Look to the picture below:

TMS integrator app

First you need to define all publisher/subscribers:


We add step-by-step TMS integration to all Total.js open-source apps.

Improved FlowStream

FlowStream is one of the best features in the Total.js 4 framework, and it opens many possibilities for various implementations/cases/projects. It's advanced version of Total.js Flow and fully customizable. The FlowStream app moves the FlowStream to the super level, and each FlowStream runs in an independent worker thread.

FlowStream app

Added support for debugging of bundles

This feature allows you to debug source-code in the .src directory. In other words: The total.js application doesn't extract and rewrite bundles.


  • create file bundles.debug in the root of app directory
  • restart app
  • and then you can modify each file in .src directory
  • watcher will monitor only changes in .src directory