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New release for Total.js v4 with great new improvements

New Total.js v4 release (+0.0.46)

We are happy to announce a new version of the Total.js framework with significant further improvements and bug fixes. Please let us know if you find any issues via Telegram or in the GitHub repository.

Improved FileStorage

We have improved the Total.js FileStorage by adding new features that make FileStorage better than ever before. Here is the list of new methods:

  • FileStorage documentation
  • fs.backup()
  • fs.restore()
  • fs.move()
  • for streaming of listing
  • fs.rename()
  • fs.readbuffer()
  • fs.readjson()
  • fs.savejson()

Improved FlowStream

Also, we have improved the core of the FlowStream algorithm by adding pause functionality and dynamic controlling for inputs and outputs. Finally, we have fixed the handling of messages for the handlers in the form instance.message_<INPUT_NAME>.

If you use the FlowStream app, then update only the flowstream.js module.

Improved Total.js Message Service TMS

Finally, we have improved Total.js Message Service TMS by adding RPC functionality in the form:

Then we have added the so-called TMS Client that can communicate with the TMS of another app by the code directly.

Service mode

We have extended the start script by adding a new mode called service mode. The service mode loads the app without an HTTP server, so you can quickly provide additional services for your web applications. Just update your Total.js start script index.js.

Good to know:
We have extended SuperAdmin by adding service mode.

Quick example:

Added live edit

Live edit is an experimental feature that opens a WebSocket connection to the Total.js Code Editor. In other words: you can connect Total.js projects from various servers or the localhost to only one instance of the Total.js Code Editor.

First, download the latest version of Total.js Code Editor. Next, create a new project and set the path external://mycustomprojectname. Then update your Total.js app by uncommenting the options.edit key in the Total.js start script and run your app.

Then you will be able to edit the entire project structure.

Added external operations and tasks

This is an attractive feature. You can easily use external operations or tasks on a URL address with some expiration delay (optional). It's a useful functionality e.g., FlowStream or Flow.



We plan to create several valuable operations and tasks for everyone that you can use e.g. in the Total.js FlowStream/Flow.

Bug fixes

  • fixed restoring of packages
  • fixed CONF.default_root #24
  • fixed JavaScript compressor #25
  • fixed CSS variables
  • fixed saving files in FILESTORAGE() in OS Windows
  • fixed using the require() method in the FlowStream components

New sections in the documentation

We have added and improved some content in the Total.js documentation. Below are created new sections:

What's next?

Let's code ...