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October report 2021

October report 2021

New products

UI components

  • added new UI improvements for j-Flow
  • added a new update for the j-Notify component
  • fixed move action in the j-Flow
  • improved j-ColorPicker by adding support for RBGA
  • fixed months + reponsivity in j-MonthlyCalendar
  • added scalewidth option to the j-MonthlyCalendar
  • added opt.autofocus option to the j-FloatingBox
  • fixed API routing with same paths with various HTTP methods
  • added path property to SchemaOptions, OperationOptions, TaskOptions, AuthOptions and MiddlewareOptions
  • improved UI for j-InputTags
  • improved autofocus option in j-Form
  • improved autofocus option in j-LargeForm
  • improved autofocus option in j-MiniForm
  • improved autofocus option in j-FloatingBox
  • improved autofocus option in j-Window
  • added autofocus option for j-Layer
  • added autofocus option for j-Part
  • fixed resetting of file input in j-FileReader
  • fixed snapping in zoom mode in j-Flow
  • fixed focusing input in the j-Input
  • added datasource property to the j-Configuration
  • fixed CSS in j-Flow
  • fixed bottom lines in j-LiveStats
  • fixed column options in j-DataGrid by Denis Granec
  • improved .selectable class in the j-Flow
  • fixed line reposition in the j-Flow
  • fixed drag&drop to groups in j-Flow
  • improved refreshing of information in j-Flow
  • added number2 type to the j-Input

jComponent library

  • added .autofocus() method +v18 and +v17
  • added DEF.delaykeypress {Number} with 200 ms value
  • added support for scopes to the FIND() method
  • added String.flags([path], [value]) for emitting flags
  • added ready command to data-bind
  • added a waiter for data-bind to the same element with a jComponent
  • added data-bind="-__" that copies a path from the jComponent

Total.js framework 4

  • added Total.js Extensions
  • replaced return from the controller.sse() method to Boolean
  • fixed API routing with default_root by Martin Smola
  • added a new command: clear_owner for removing all dependencies for the specific owner
  • removed useless spaces from the command-line utility
  • fixed loading resources via LOADRESOURCE()
  • fixed translate command in the command-line tool
  • added OPENCLIENT() method that simplifies work with Total.js Open products
  • fixed parsing HTML components in the FlowStream
  • fixed EXEC() for WebSocketClient
  • fixed clean-up of zombie FlowStream connections
  • extended index.d.ts by Helferino
  • fixed cleaning zombie connections in the FlowStrream
  • added a retry functionality flowinstance.trigger() when the FlowStream isn't ready
  • improved RegExp for validating URL addresses by yetingli
  • added FlowStream instance.replace(str) for applying variables
  • added FlowStream message.replace(str) for applying variables (alias for message.variables())
  • added Flowstream message.rewrite(data) for rewriting message data
  • improved FLOWSTREAM() by improving .cleanforce() method
  • updated UIStream by adding tabs and groups
  • (critical) fixed WebSocket implementation for Safari +15 browser

Total.js framework 3

  • fixed calling F.snapshotstats() #785
  • improved RegExp for validating URL addresses by yetingli
  • (critical) fixed WebSocket implementation for Safari +15 browser
  • (critical) fixed extracting packages/bundles

Total.js Examples

  • updated authorization example


  • fixed snapping in zoom mode
  • added a new component: opensync
  • added support resetting global stats

FlowStream designer:

  • fixed markdown rendering
  • fixed shortcuts
  • fixed error handling
  • improved shortcuts in the FlowStreamDesigner
  • fixed refreshing meta data
  • fixed synchronization of variables
  • fixed highlighting of the Apply button when the DELETE key is pressed
  • added FUNC.reconfigure(el/id, config) method
  • added j-Notify component instead of j-NotifyBar
  • added highlighting ID phrase
  • improved FUNC.trigger(el/id, [data]) by adding data argument
  • added support resetting global stats
  • improved UI + redesigned stats

Total.js CMS

  • fixed browsing files

Code Editor

  • increased timeout for downloading UI components
  • updated jComponent library
  • added support for .ts files
  • extended timeout for obtaining of files


  • fixed share functionality
  • added missing type to the share event by Gera


  • improved exports builds + added owner tags


  • added npm start mode


  • added OpenDB connector