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December report 2023

December report 2023

Totally Happy New Year!

Total.js framework 5

  • improved internal Flow module

Total.js framework 4

  • improved internal Flow module
  • fixed internal FlowStream module (critical)

Total.js UI Library

  • fixed #paths in components
  • added support for a global path *something (common storage)
  • improved WATCH() method for aliases like %path, #path or *path
  • fixed UNWATCH() method for aliases like %path, #path or *path
  • added new alias $().plugin() for $().scope()
  • added new alias component.plugin() for component.scope()
  • added new alias component.noplugin() for component.noscope()

UI components

  • added new component: j-Prompt
  • added new component: j-UIEditor
  • added new component: j-FlowEditor
  • added onchange config option in j-Children
  • added onmeta config option in j-UIStudio
  • fixed backward compatibility for j-Markdown
  • fixed exec executiong (replaced SEEX for EXEC) in j-DataGrid
  • fixed icons + resizing in j-Folder
  • added oncopy configuration for Clipboard
  • extended j-Folder by adding noscroll and raw option
  • improved code in j-Crop
  • fixed j-Menu rendering


  • updated Total.js UI library

Flow components:

  • improved status in Delay
  • improved readme in Transformer

Flow Editor

  • updated Total.js UI library

Flow Editor (offline)

  • updated Total.js UI library

Total.js Code editor

  • updated Total.js UI library


  • improved code

New widgets:

  • alert
  • tags
  • properties
  • uibuilder
  • insight
  • images
  • partners


  • added support for public API
  • improved filtering

UI Builder

  • added a better origin parser
  • improved a default view handler
  • added Generate path functionality (in the component settings)


  • fixed reversed value in Checkbox
  • fixed months and days in Calendar
  • improved Columns
  • added new component Scope
  • fixed default height for Textarea

Total.js Code

  • extended projects by adding reference and certname
  • extended public API