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December report 2021

December report 2021

UI components

  • added new UI component: j-Display
  • added new UI component: j-InlineDatePicker
  • fixed rendering j-DataGrid
  • improved j-Input
  • fixed rendering of j-FloatingBox
  • added support for removing of invisible and hidden class in j-MinHeight
  • improved j-Emoji by Denis Granec
  • added centered option to the j-ViewBox
  • improved j-Empty
  • fixed scrollbars in j-SelectBox by Gera G. G├╝iles
  • added delayloading option to the j-Part
  • added rooturl option to the j-Breadcrumb
  • fixed or option in the j-Selected
  • added aclass:true option for data-scope attribute that appends scope name as CSS class
  • improved code in Tangular-initials
  • fixed resizing in j-iFramePreview
  • fixed unhandled errors in j-iFramePreview
  • added resizing for nested components in j-FloatingBox
  • improved tables in j-Markdown
  • improved flow.zoom command by adding a support for percentages in j-Flow
  • added a new shortcut types to j-Shortcuts component
  • fixed exec method in the j-Shortcuts

jComponent library

  • released jComponent v19
  • updated NAV.custom([expire]) by expire argument
  • improved Tangular by adding private helpers per template
  • added ATTRD() method for reading of value from elements (v18, v19)
  • improved .autofocus() method in v19
  • improved Tangular template engine by adding a direct callig of helpers {{ helper('Something') }} (currently supported in jComponent v19 only)
  • improved error handling in jComponent v19
  • updated CACHEPATH() by adding support for scopes and default values in the form CACHEPATH('?.tab__"pending"', '1 week'); (v18, v19)
  • extended plugins by adding new properties and methods:
    • or plugin.model performs exports.scope(); return GET('?'); (can't be rewritten)
    • plugin.form performs exports.scope(); return GET('? @reset'); (can't be rewritten)
    • plugin.set(path, value) performs SET('?.' + path, value)
    • plugin.get(path) performs GET('?.' + path)
  • improved data-bind with changes and track attribute (v19)

Total.js framework 4

We have released a new version v0.0.56 with fixes and new improvements. Just update it from NPM.

  • fixed download command for the CodeEditor
  • fixed websocketclient.api() error handling
  • added CONF.node_modules that affects NPMINSTALL() method
  • replaced duration2 property with ts in the FlowStrem Message
  • revitalized code in the FlowStreamMessage instance
  • improved Tangular by adding private helpers per template
  • improved ErrorBuilder responses (empty fields are removed)
  • added NEWTRANSFORM(name, [id], function($, value) {}) registers a new transformation
  • added TRANSFORM(name, value, function($) {}) executes all transformations
  • improved SMTP sender
  • improved built-in sessions by added return {Number} to .update() and .refresh() method
  • added macros NEWMACRO() (supports much simpler JS language for creating macros)
  • total4 command line tools - added a check if git is installed before creating a project by Peter Stolc
  • added support for promises to and U.ls2() method
  • added QueryBuilder.autoquery() method
  • added DatabaseBuilder.autoquery() method
  • added BitExtractor by Peter Stolc
  • added U.extract(data, [from = 16], [to = 10]) returns BitExtractor instance


  • added unit tests for the components by Helferino
  • extended meta data by adding readme and url fields
  • added a test runner to run all tests #11
  • fixed shortcuts in iframes #8

FlowStream Designer

  • added support for UID replacement #19
  • added Info button #17
  • remember last scroll and zoom position #13
  • fixed a change state in the CodeMirror component #9
  • improved traffic counter #16

Code Editor

  • fixed upload command for external projects


  • added support for restarting of all apps for different Total.js versions

Performance meter