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Javascript unreveiled prototypes #01: Array.wait()

Javascript unreveiled prototypes #01: Array.wait()

In the Total.js framework, developers are granted an exceptional tool for managing asynchronous operations within arrays — Array.wait(). This utility, not native to JavaScript but crafted by Total.js, introduces a novel way to handle asynchronous tasks efficiently. Before diving into the examples, let's ensure you have the right environment set up.

Prerequisites: Installing Total.js v4

Before exploring the wonders of Array.wait(), make sure you have Total.js v4 installed in your environment. You can install it using the following command:

Now, let’s delve into the unique features of Array.wait().

Understanding the Total.js Advantage with Array.wait()

Array.wait() is a distinctive feature provided by__ Total.js__, designed to simplify the handling of asynchronous tasks within arrays. Its implementation aligns with the framework's philosophy, offering a seamless and powerful solution.

Let's start with a basic example to grasp its usage:

This introductory example showcases how Array.wait() simplifies the execution of asynchronous tasks.

Harnessing Parallelism with Array.wait()

Total.js developers benefit from the utility’s ability to control the concurrency of asynchronous operations. Let’s explore how parallel execution can be leveraged for enhanced performance:

This example illustrates how developers can optimize the execution of asynchronous tasks by controlling the concurrency level within the node.js environment in general and the Total.js environment specifically.

Flexibility: Cancelling Asynchronous Operations with Array.wait()

One of the standout features of Array.wait() in Total.js is its flexibility, allowing developers to cancel asynchronous tasks based on specific conditions. Let's explore this capability through a practical example:

This highlights how Array.wait() in Total.js provides developers with the ability to cancel asynchronous tasks based on specific conditions.

Beyond Total.js: Using Array.prototype.wait() in Node.js and the Browser

While Array.wait() is a gem within the Total.js framework, its utility extends beyond. Node.js developers can incorporate this powerful prototype into their projects as well. For JavaScript / Node.js developers working outside the Total.js ecosystem, rejoice! This prototype is available to you as well, and you can seamlessly integrate it anywhere in your code base.

But that’s not all. If you’re developing on the client side, you can harness the power of Array.wait() using the CDN link:

Highly recommended for its simplicity and effectiveness, Array.wait() is a valuable addition to any developer's toolkit.


In conclusion, Array.wait() stands out as a distinctive feature in Total.js, offering developers a powerful tool for managing asynchronous operations within arrays. Its seamless integration and unique features make it an invaluable asset for Total.js developers navigating complex workflows.

Stay tuned for further insights into the capabilities of Total.js hidden Utilities and discover how it can elevate your asynchronous programming experience within the Total.js framework. Happy coding!